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Sandhurst Hand Therapy
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Conditions Treated

At Sandhurst Hand Therapy many conditions of the upper limb (including fingers, thumbs, wrist forearm and elbow) are treated. Common injuries include:

  • Fractures of the elbow, wrist (Colles Fractures) thumb and fingers
  • Sporting injuries such as mallet finger, jersey finger, volar plate injuries, skiers thumb and other ligament and joint dislocations
  • Nerve injuries including carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome
  • Arthritis including Osteoarthritis of the Thumb, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Scleroderma
  • Tendon Pathology, (often labeled RSI), including tendonitis, De Quervain's disease and other synovitis, Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) Medial Epicondylitis (Golfer's Elbow)
  • Soft Tissue Disorders such as Dupuytren's disease and ganglions
  • Wound and Scar Management following surgery, trauma or burns