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Sandhurst Hand Therapy
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  • “Human occupation is defined by our hands. Our ability to work, nurture, and undertake leisure pursuits depends on the health of our hands. Therefore any injury to our hands can have significant implication to a persons quality of life.”

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  • “Hand injuries can be a devastating. Outcomes are optimized with a committed medical and surgical team, a willing patient and a dedicated hand therapist. ”

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  • “Our hands are what make us human. During no other time in history have we relied on our hands so intensely to communicate and interact with the world around us”

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  • “The primary goal of the hand therapist  is to work with the patient to hasten their return to independent and productive roles. Function is restored through therapy, adaptive equipment and fabrication of splints and supports.”

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Image of hands holding baby's feet.  Our hands enable us to nurture others (Sandhurst Hand Therapy Bendigo)

Sandhurst Hand Therapy

Our hands are a vital component of what we are and how we occupy our time. Our hands enable us to care for ourselves and nurture others, earn an income to support families, and enjoy our leisure time.

As any one will tell you that has had a hand injury, what might be considered an insignificant hand injury, can cause significant limitations to functional ability and disruption to our life and all that we often take for granted.

At Sandhurst Hand Therapy an individual assessment of your injury in relation to your goals and activity demands will be taken. A treatment plan will be developed and evolved as your condition changes focusing on functional outcomes. Splints, supports or adaptive equipment may be fabricated or provided to assist with these goals.

A close professional relationship will be maintained with relevant stakeholders (medical providers, claims managers other outside parties as deemed appropriate) to ensure optimal outcomes.